To create a category:

  1. Open Inventory.
  2. Select the Category button.
  3. Click New Category to make create your new category.
  4. Name the initial parent category (example: clothing).
  5. Create a subcategory to be used within the parent category (example: jacket).
  6. You can also create subcategories within this category (example: winter and fall).

To apply one product to a category:

  1. Open the inventory tab.
  2. Open product search.
  3. Search for products that fit within the category.
  4. Select a product from the results.
  5. Within the organize box you can view the category to which the product belongs, it will say none if you haven't already assigned it a category.
  6. Click none to open the assign category window and assign the item to the correct category and sub categories.
  7. Save changes.

To apply categories to multiple items:

  1. Open inventory.
  2. Click the quick edit items button.
  3. Within the search criteria select category as one of the fields.
  4. Search for the items you wish to categorize (example: jacket).
  5. Items from the results that remain uncategorized will have none as their category.
  6. click none to open the Select Category window.
  7. Assign the correct category and subcategories to each item. 

Useful Tips:

  • Changing the name of a category will change the category name for all the items to which the category is applied.
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