We use matrices when there is a group of items that are the same with minor variations such as color and size, a good example would be a golf tee shirt:

  1. Click the inventory button in the menu sidebar
  2. Select the matrix button
  3. Click new matrix in the top right-hand corner
  4. Create a new item class (a golf tee shirt for example)
  5. Change the matrix type in the right box based on the number of attributes the item type has (size, color, shape)
  6. Input the rest of the information on the page
  7. Click save when the shared values are entered
  8. Now enter the different sizes, colors, and shapes in the new boxes
  9. You can now create items based on the three criteria in the matrix section tab in the left-hand menu
  10. Once the items are created you can now enter UPC, SKU's, and tags specific to each item type


  • If you change any of the information in the shared values field, click reset items to default
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