How to create Price Sheets & Restrictions:

  1. Choose Tee Times & Pricing in the sidebar menu. Here you can determine who has booking rights on the golf course based on the day or player membership.
  2. Select any week in the calendar. You may want to make specific price rules for the week and set up recurring price rules for weekend and weekday pricing.
  3. Open the Price Sheet list under the calendar. The calendar will disappear and you will see a list of Price Sheets which can be applied to specific days of the week.
  4. Create a new Price Sheet by clicking on the plus sign. You can create a specific set of prices (for example, weekend prices.)
  5. Name the Price Sheet. Using a name and color code will help make it easier to differentiate when you apply the Price Sheet to the daily tee times listed next to the Price Sheets.
  6. Determine the price rules based on player type and time range. You can use the different player types that exist at your golf course to determine prices. 5-day members, for example, can be given free access during the weekdays while public players are assigned normal pricing throughout the week. You can assign different prices to as many player types as you need.
  7. Select Create to add it to the list of Price Sheets. This will add the new Price Sheet to the list of Price Sheets that can be applied to the tee sheet.
  8. Apply the Price Sheet by selecting the plus sign under the desired days of the week. You can apply different Price Sheets to each day, for example, weekend prices for the weekend.
  9. Select the recurrence for the Price Sheet. Price Sheets can be set to recur daily, weekly, or monthly.

*Please note: This process can be used for cart fees as well.

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