Below is a walk through on how to make Adjustments to your tee sheet.

To enter the edit mode in the tee sheet click the Wrench icon at the top right of the screen. 

If you want to block tee times select the times you want and then choose block.

These times will then be blocked which means no players will be able to book into these times.

To unblock the times, select the times you would like to unblock and hit unblock.

If you would like to delete a tee time, select the tee time you would like hit delete.  You will be prompted confirm you want to delete the times as this is permanent.

To squeeze a tee time between two other times, select the time you would like and hit squeeze.  This will add a new slot under the time you selected.

Once you have finished editing the tee sheet, click the wrench Icon and it will bring you back into normal tee sheet mode.

*Please note: If you delete tee times, you must confirm that you wish to do so.

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