How to create a booking:

Navigate to the "Tee Sheet" section on your navigation bar.

Select the plus sign that corresponds to the number of golfers (1-4) in the group.

You can add existing customers into the reservation by:

Searching by last name

 by member IDs

by phone numbers, 

or by email addresses.

If the golfer you are inputting in does not match any of the criteria above - make sure you are adding either a phone number or an email to the reservation for the player so that you capture their contact information in your database.

Note: If a golfer wishes to cancel their reservation, you can click on the three dots by the "No Show" button and click on "Delete". If this customer has an existing profile in your database, this deleted reservation will appear on the cancelled tab on their customer profile.

Tip: Without some form of contact information, they will not be added in your database and will remain italicized on your tee sheet. 

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