Please follow the following process to create and manage society bookings:

Initial Setup & Quote:

  • In Lightspeed Golf's tee sheet, ensure the time is available on the day the organiser is looking to book.
  • In Lightspeed Retail, build a quote for the Society from the Sales Screen with the corresponding items requested:
  • Click on ''Save as Quote'' to save the quote.
  • You will be asked to add a customer to the quote, if that was not done already in the sales screen. 
  • Make sure you add the corresponding Society customer or create the customer if the customer was not created previously:

Sending the quote to the organizer:

  • Once the quote is saved, you can email the quote straight from the sales screen or you can search through your existing quotes by going into ''Customers'' from the navigation bar and selecting ''Quotes'':
  • You can bring up a quote at any moment, edit and send the quote by email to the organizer and settle the quote:

Blocking the tee sheet:

  • In Lightspeed Golf's tee sheet, create a new tournament under the ''Events'' and clicking on "+" - ''Tournament''.
  • Name the tournament, select a date and schedule (number of tee times to accomodate the size of the tournament), and describe the event.
  • Tee times: Choose between a standard, crossover, shotgun, or custom start.
  • Select the interval between each tee time.
  • You can assign the corresponding event or leave it blank as green fees have already been recorded in your quote.
  • Do NOT enable Online Booking if you don't want players to book online into this Society event.
  • The Society Event will appear on the tee sheet and in the calendar view of the events module:

Adding a deposit to a Society account:

  • To add a deposit to a society account, in Lightspeed Retail, simply create a new sale, add the customer to the sale and click payment. You will then have the option to add a deposit on the account with the tender method of your choice.
    In the example, we are adding $100 on the account with a credit card tender method.

Taking payment:

  • When you are ready to settle the quote (on the day off, to check in the golfers), simply reopen the quote and settle the quote:
  • You can always add the rounds on the tee sheet and mark them in as arrived for stats purposes.

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