For American clients that are integrated with Stripe, you are now able to add a customer's bank account as a method of payment for house accounts in Lightspeed Golf! Please note that more countries will enjoy this functionality in the near future.

Once you enter the the account details (name, type, routing number and account number), the status will show as 'Pending' while Stripe initiates a microdeposit process to verify the account. This process can take anywhere from 3-4 business days.

Adding a new bank account:

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Once the microdeposits have been confirmed by the customer through their banking service, you can complete the verification process on the Lightspeed Golf side. Simply click on 'Verify' and enter the microdeposit amounts! Once the account status updates to 'Verified' it will be available for payments.

Verifying the bank account:

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In order to set up automatic billing for a verified bank account, the process follows the same flow as a credit card. Activate 'Automatic Billing' and select the applicable account! Payments will be processed based on the automatic billing date that you have configured in your settings.

Setting up automatic billing via bank transfer:

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