***To start using the raincheck module, please reach out on support so it can be activated***

Issuing a raincheck:

  1. Click on the reservation on the tee sheet you wish to create a raincheck
  2. Click on the umbrella icon to create the raincheck for a specific player (*the reservation needs to be marked as paid*)
  3. Click on the 100% discount button to issue a 18 hole raincheck. Click on 50% to issue a 9 hole raincheck on a 18 hole round. Enter a specific percentage (ex. 25%). Or use a fraction (ex. 7/18) for prorated rainchecks
  4. Click on Create
  5. Print the raincheck

Redeeming a raincheck:

  1. Create a new reservation or use an existing reservation that is not paid
  2. Process the sale to Lightspeed like it is a normal transaction
  3. In the POS, click on the Raincheck quick button
  4. Scan the raincheck if you have a barcode scanner or type in the code manually
  5. Click on Search
  6. Click on Redeem
  7. Click Confirm (this operation cannot be undone)
  8. Finalize the payment like a normal transaction
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