The number of employees that you can add to your Retail account depends on your Lightspeed Retail plan. If you've reached your employee limit and the + New Employee button no longer displays in Settings > Employee Setup, we recommend archiving an employee you're no longer using. If you need to keep all your current employees active, email your request to increase your employee limit using Lightspeed's Live chat option.

Before you begin

If you plan on adding employee roles, we recommend configuring the permissions of each employee role before adding your employees. Seeing that a Custom employee role can only be configured within an employee account, we recommend that you at least define the employee role permissions you plan to enable for them ahead of time.

For more information on employee role permissions, please see our Adding employee roles article. 

Adding an employee

  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Employee Setup > + New Employee.
  2. Enter the employee’s first name and last name.
  3. Assign them an employee role.
  4. If you have a multi-store account, you can limit the employee’s access to a specific shop by selecting it from the Limit To Shoplist.
  5. In the Phones section, enter your employee's phone numbers:HomeWorkMobilePagerFax
  6. In the Address section, enter your employee's mailing address:CountryAddress Address 2 (e.g. 3rd Floor)CityProvince/State/RegionPostal Code/Zip Code
  7. In the Other section, enter the following details:WebsiteEmail 1 (used if the Email contact method is selected)2 (employee's secondary email address)Custom (e.g. employee number 13)
  8. In the Contact section, select your employee's preferred contact method (Email, Mail or Call) for software updates and important messages from Lightspeed Retail. Your employee's explicit consent is required to contact them through these methods. NOTE: If you're an Omnichannel merchant, customers who have subscribed to your newsletter in your eCom store will have the Email checkbox selected in your Retail account.
  1. Click Save Changes.

The employee is now officially added to your Lightspeed Retail account!

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