This article will focus on our fleet management function for golf courses with a limited number of carts at installation.

* If you wish to activate this function for your departure sheet, please do not hesitate to contact us through our online chat service *

Setting up fleet management Once the fleet management function activated for your account, you can configure it by going to Settings -> Fleet management.

To activate fleet management, simply activate the function indicator.
 Determine the number of carts available in your fleet (in the example above, we have 12 carts available).
Determine the maintenance time required for your staff to clean and sometimes refill the cart before it is available for rental again (in the example above: 20 minutes).
Click Save for your changes to take effect.
Make sure your round durations are set up correctly

The above settings will work depending on the duration of your rounds. In other words, if you have defined that to complete an 18-hole course it takes 240 minutes, a customer reserving a cart for 18 holes will mean that the cart will not be available for a period of 240 + 20 = 260 minutes.

In the example above, the carts reserved for 18 holes become unavailable for rental for a period of 260 minutes. This means that if you only have one cart and the cart is reserved for the 11:00 am departure, no one will be able to reserve another cart between 6:40 am and 3:20 pm:

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