Below is a description on how to create a new course. 

We will start by clicking on the settings tab on the left hand side. We will then select "courses".  This will open up the course settings where you will be able to see the courses at your facility.

To add a new course, click the blue "+create" button on the top right hand side,  a new page will open where you will fill in the course name, the number of holes and if you would like to allow online booking.

Once this is filled out, hit save and this will add the course to your course list.  Once the course is created, click the course to open it where you will need to fill out more information.  Click the products tab where you will select the booking products that you would like.

  • Round of golf 18 holes
  • Round of golf 9 holes
  • Half cart for 18 holes
  • Half cart for 9 holes

Type in the amount of time you would like to allocate for 18 holes and 9 holes.  Select if you would like carts to be added to the booking automatically.  18 holes is normally 270 minutes and 9 holes is 135 minutes.

Click on the scorecard tab, here is where you will enter the course rating/slope.  You can also fill out the tees, yardages and handicap of each of the holes but it is not mandatory.  Finally select the tee times tab and select the starting holes for your course. 

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