Tee Sheet Extras are now available, allowing you to control, manage, and enhance a customer's complete golf experience directly on the tee sheet!

Creating, Updating & Deleting Extras

Extras are accessible to managers by going to Settings - Extras.

From the creation screen, you can give your Extras a Name, Description, Price, Tax, and also decide on which course it is available. Extras will be toggled ON for online booking by default, but you may turn this off (perhaps for a limited item such as rental clubs). These items will then be automatically created in Lightspeed Retail as a Non-Inventory item.  

Additionally, you can assign a category to your Extras, just as Green Fees, Carts, etc. To do this, simply go to Settings - Point of Sale, then click on the three dots on the Lightspeed Retail line and then Configure Product Categories.

***Please note that if you have already created Extras in Lightspeed Retail before, they will not map to the existing product. You will need to merge the product to keep the history.***

Adding Extras To A Reservation

Extras can be added the same way you add a cart to a reservation. You can either click the + sign or the "Add Product" icon on the left menu.

From the player's perspective, they can add Extras during the online booking process and pay ahead of time if they are part of a club deal!

The Extras feature will continue to evolve as we gather useful information on how it is being employed around the world - jump on the chat and let us know what improvements you would like to see for your market!

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