How to void a transaction:

  1. To void a sale, navigate to Settings > Reports
  2. To locate the sale you want to void, there are a few reports you can search: Totals, Lines All Transactions, or Received Payments.
  3. Once you open a report, search for the Transaction you wish to void.
  4. Click on the Transaction ID to see the information pertaining to the sale.
  5. Select Void Sale from the main sidebar.
  6. The user will be prompted to provide a reason for the Void.
  7. Press the button at the bottom of the window to Void the sale.

Important Notes

  • Once you void a transaction the inventory will be brought back into stock.
  • The transaction will be removed from the sales history.
  • If a credit card was used to make the purchase, funds will be returned back to the card automatically, provided your payment processor is integrated and the sale is voided within 120 days of the original Transaction.

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