The easiest way to start a refund is to scan the original receipt into the system:

  1. Scan in the refund.
  2. The transaction will automatically show up in the register under the refund tab.
  3. A customer profile will also be attached to the barcode.
  4. The details of the original transaction will also show up in the register.
  5. Press the refund button beside each item to be returned.
  6. Hit the payment button to finalize the refund.
  7. The payment window will appear in orange and the user will be prompted to select a payment method to conduct the refund.
  8. Finalize the sale and print the receipt.

If the customer does not have the receipt but instead has a customer record:

  1. Open customers.
  2. Search their name.
  3. Check the sales tab for this customer and open the sale that is to be refunded.
  4. Click the ID of the sale to see the information on the sale.
  5. Click the refund button at the top of the page to take the refund to the sales register.
  6. Process the refund on the sales register.

If you only know the day of the purchase and the item itself:

  1. Open reports.
  2. Open the All Transactions report.
  3. Filter by the day the original sale was done, the employee who rang the sale in, and individual shops if you have more than one store.
  4. Once you find the correct sale select it and hit the refund button at the top of the sale record.
  5. The refund will be sent to the register in refund mode where you can finish processing the refund.

If you cannot find the original transaction you can do an ad-hoc refund:

  1. Open the sales tab.
  2. Click refund to open the refund tab.
  3. Scan the items in or search for them.
  4. Finalize the refund by clicking the payment button.

How to do an exchange:

  1. Once we've added the product that is being refunded we just need to do a sale.
  2. Open the sale tab and scan your items in.
  3. The balance will represent the difference between the two items being exchanged and returned.

Important Notes

  • If you do an ad-hoc refund the system will not be able to know if the item was discounted or on sale at the time of purchase.

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