Getting started on Lightspeed:

  1. Fill out Basic Information.
  2. This information will be applied to the owner level account.
  3. Once your basic information is entered, move on to the Product Industriestab.
  4. Enter the product categories your business sells.
  5. Click the next step button to move on to the Optional Modules tab.
  6. Choose service to add a labor or service side to your business.
  7. Choose advanced item types to track items in greater detail using serial number, matrices, assemblies, or boxes of items.
  8. Choose gift cards to permit the usage of the gift card function.
  9. Choose time clock to allow employees to punch in and out of the register.
  10. Click next step to move on to the Tax Setup tab where you can set base tax and labor tax rates.
  11. Finish the account set up.
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