There are many ways to add new items to your inventory

  1. Send a spreadsheet to the Lightspeed support team and have them upload the items for you. You should do this if you have many items to upload into your system.
  2. You can use a spreadsheet yourself to import your items into a purchase order to bring the items into your inventory
  3. You can import items one at a time from a vendor catalog

How to create a new item manually:

  1. From the main menu: click Inventory > New Item.
  2. Give the item a Description
  3. Give the item a type. For instance, you can choose from Single, Box, Assembly, OR Non-Inventory.  Note: Single items are unique items that do not come with any other components, box items come in a collection of single items (a dozen golf balls), assembly items represent a group different items that come together in one package, and non-inventory is used to represent service or membership fees, green fees.
  4. Select single item and check serial number if it comes with a 
  5. Determine pricing and discount rules
  6. Input inventory defaults including vendor and item cost
  7. You can set up automatic re-ordering if you want Lightspeed to automatically re-order when the inventory decreases to a certain point
  8. Associate the correct category, manufacturer, and keyword tags to the item to make it easier to search for in the database
  9. Save changes and note that Lightspeed automatically generates a System ID for the item
  10. You can also add UPC, EAN, and SKU's to the product alongside the System ID

Now that your item exists

  • Add inventory and change inventory costs under the inventory tab
  • Assign Vendor ID's if your product comes from multiple vendors
  • You can track sales, layaways, customer and vendor returns, and other statistics
  • You can see the history of inventory changes
  • You can merge items together
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