How to add a Box of Items (Example: Dozen golf balls vs. Sleeve of Golf Balls):

  1. Select new item from the register's main menu
  2. Enter a description of the item box (A dozen golf balls)
  3. Enter price, cost, and UPC for the box itself if applicable
  4. Change the item type to box of items and save
  5. Choose the box of items section in the left-hand menu
  6. If there are multiple boxes of items within the box of items (boxes of 3 golf balls in a package of 12 golf balls) add a new description in the create a new single item box and the number of boxes in the 12 pack (4 boxes per pack)
  7. Lightspeed will auto generate the quantity and price of the 3 pack, repeat step 6 to get different size configurations of packages
  8. Enter information for each pack configuration by clicking on the pack itself and entering the information
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