How to add a Box of Items (Example: Dozen golf balls vs. Sleeve of Golf Balls):

Creating the Box Item:

  1. From the main menu: click Inventory > New Item.
  2. Change the Item Type to "Box"
  3. Enter a description of the Item Box (Ex: Titleist Pro V1 Dozen)
  4. Enter the price, cost, and UPC for the entire box and then click "Save"

Note: We will not be adding a quantity for this box item. By creating a box to link the case to it's single items, their shared inventory is automatically broken down or built up when you sell these items to your customers.

Linking inventory from your Single Item:

  1. In the Sub-menu of the same screen, click on "Box"
  2. On the top right hand corner, you will notice an option to "Find Existing Single Item"
  3. You can do an Item Search and find your single item (Ex: Pro V1 Sleeve)  
  4. You can determine how many single items the box comprises of.

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