How to purchase items for inventory:

  1. To create a purchase order open the inventory tab
  2. Under orders, transfer, and shipping select the new order button
  3. Set vendor, order date, expected date, and any other shipping information
  4. Save the settings
  5. A new purchase order will be created, complete with vendor information
  6. At the bottom of the purchase order is where you can input your items
  7. Add items with the item search bar
  8. The number of ordered items will be based on the number required to fulfill the stock levels set earlier in the inventory count
  9. Add any special orders to the purchase order if any customers have made an order request, you can find orders from specific vendors under the special orders tab
  10. Email the order to your representative

Receiving the purchase order

  1. Select the purchase order
  2. Click the green check in button
  3. Enter or scan in the quantities of items received (press receive the order quickly mark the purchase order as receive)
  4. Print all the labels for the expected products, this will help with physically reconciling the order
  5. Click the yellow add received to inventory button
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