1. From the Main Menu, click Inventory > Inventory Counts > + New Inventory Count
  2. Name your count. We recommend that you name the count based on the situation and time of year, for example "Fall Count 2019" and save changes.
  3. You can either scan in barcodes of each item you have or search for item names to enter counts
  4. To review the count go to totals, Lightspeed will show what it thought the inventory was against the actual count
  5. View the missed category to review and count items for which no count was done
  6. Reconcile the inventory against the counter under the reconcile tab*
  7. Post reconciliation Lightspeed will produce a shrink report under the shrink report tab


  • Always print your asset report prior to starting an inventory count to ensure default costs and prices are assigned to them
  • Saving and reviewing your asset report is a good habit
  • Reconciling inventory cannot be undone

**To do an inventory count with negative inventory, follow the steps in this article**

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