How to create gift cards in Lightspeed retail:

  1. From the main menu on Lightspeed Retail, click on Sales>New Sale
  2. Click Gift Card and scan the gift card barcode or enter the barcode number
  3. Set a value for the card and click on Create Gift Card
  4. The card will be added to the sale with the total amount of the purchase
  5. Click Payment and choose the payment type associated with the purchase

How to redeem a gift card in Lightspeed retail:

  1. Add requested items to the sale
  2. Select payment
  3. Select gift card located at the top as the payment method
  4. Scan the gift card into the sale
  5. Click finish sale

(Note: You also have the option to pay for the purchase with a partial amount charged to the gift card)

Viewing gift card balances

  1. From the main menu, click Customers>Gift Card
  2. Select gift cards
  3. Here you can search for gift cards by barcode or by the customer's name
  4. You can also view the total balance of all gift cards

To recycle a card

  1. Open the customers tab in the left sidebar menu
  2. Click the recycle card button
  3. Scan in the barcode

(Note: Only cards with a $0.00 balance can be recycled)

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